Frequently Asked Questions

We'll cover some questions that are commonly asked about our custom website development and design, our shopping cart and site management system, and even get into some technical jargon - such as our server specs.
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The cost or a website depends on three factors:-
1.The size of the project (number of pages, number of photos) - a three-page website will cost less than a site with several thousand pages.
2.The calibre of the design (static graphics will cost less than animations or videos and sounds).
3.The functionality requirements (forms, payments, content management, galleries, blogs, chatrooms, newsletter systems, statistics...)

The most common is to optimise the website for search engine visibility for defined keyword phrases, so it can be found in google searches most relevant to the product or service you want to sell. However, some clients may prefer to attract visitors by using off-line advertising methods, especially if their keywords are very competitive. In this case, you can advertise your website in the other media (including social media), through mailouts, letterbox drops, personal marketing (such as networking) etc.

Responsive design means that one and the same website shows itself differently depending on the device it is being viewed on. For example, the website content may be showing in three columns on a desktop screen, and in a single column on a smartphone (so phone users don’t have to scroll sidewise). This is different than building a separate website for mobile phone viewing; here the website is the same, just its layout changes.

1.The use of smartphones and tablets to browse the internet is growing exponentially (although admittedly it differs per market segment - you need a reasonable proportion of your customers/prospects to be using smartphones for browsing, for investing in responsive design to make commercial sense).
2.Avoid content duplication that can reduce your search ranking (common problem with having a separate mobile site).
3.CMS sites easier to administer (single location for content).
4.Same url for all views (better for SEO and social networks sharing).
5.Recommended by Google for better user experience.

We accept all type of payment methods, we also promot digital payment , so don’t worry about payment using cash. you can do payment using any digital method. like debit and credit card or paytm etc.

Most websites are developed in only 1-4 weeks. We're also able to create a professional site in as little as 48 hours, when immediate promotion is needed.

Just because someone offers you a free service, that doesn't always mean that they're good at it. Especially if that's not their full-time job, or they have little experience. When it comes to websites, plenty of people can build them. But most won't know exactly how to get that site to show up well on search websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
I have a friend that has worked on cars since he was a kid. If he tells me that he can fix a problem with my car, I trust that he will do a good job. But if he offered to handle my taxes, just because he did it once for a relative, I may not take a chance with that. A mistake with something like that can cost me money. Just like getting a website done by someone without internet marketing experience can cost you potential business. It usually pays off to simply hire a professional in the first place.

This is because all design companies can create a website, but most don't have experience in getting those sites to rank well on search engines like Google. Even if you have the best looking website in the world, it won't matter if people can't find you.
The key to ranking well on Yahoo, Bing and Google is to find a design company that is experienced with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By using a variety of techniques, an experienced web design company can improve your business exposure.

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